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  • Berry Collections

    All roads lead to inspiration, if you let them. Our particular roads led us to creating something unique and spectacular: our signature The Gardenia’s Berries®, aka the G-Berries. Your roads should lead you to trying them. Follow the signs.

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  • Brownie Collections

    There is no greater comfort food than chocolate. There is nary a better way to eat chocolate than within confines of a brownie. And these brownies just happen to be gourmet fudge brownies. Send one of these gift boxes to someone you love, sit back and enjoy the accolades you will receive back. They won’t taste as good as the brownies but they will be pretty sweet.

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  • Strawberry Collections

    Strawberries and chocolate go together like strawberries and chocolate. That’s right, they are so well made for each other that there is no better analogy. In these boxes, we include nothing but the best hand-picked strawberries and the greatest gourmet chocolates. Don’t believe us? Well our passion and integrity go together like…well, strawberries and chocolate.

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Featured Gift Bundles

Gourmet pastries are the perfect gifts for any occasion

Corporate Gifting

Every company needs that edge

Corporate Gifting

If you happen to own, run, and/or operate your own company, you must know how difficult it is to keep all your employees and clients happy all the time.

What is the formula for success? We have the recipe for the quickest and most efficient method to build and strengthen chemistry with key stakeholders, staff, clients, and vendors! Giving a corporate gift boosts morale and creates a personal connection.  

Gardenia’s Fire offers many corporate gifting programs. From holiday gifting to staff or client birthday programs, corporate events and meetings, fundraising programs and co-branding opportunities are available as well. “Sometimes it’s important to mix business and pleasure.”


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Berry Delicious

Perfect For Any Occasion