It is common practice to see the employees of a workplace being appreciated and acknowledged. Their achievements are recognized, work ethic praised, and even birthdays may be celebrated. It would stand to reason that bosses would also like to be applauded and supported as well. And why not? They are the leaders who manage their companies and along with their employees, work tirelessly for the betterment of the organization. October 16th, National Boss Day is an occasion which was created exactly for the purpose of appreciating your boss. 

A lady named Patricia Haroski registered National Boss Day with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce in 1958. She was inspired to do so because she worked for her father at the time, as a secretary. The date she chose was significant and meaningful to her as it was her father’s birthday. Patricia believed that sometimes employees did not understand the dedication and hard work which supervisors put into their jobs or understand the many challenges which they encounter. It was her hope that having such a day to show appreciation for bosses would lead to improved working relations in the offices.

So how does one go about celebrating such a day? There can be many ways but one of the most obvious ones would be to give your boss a well thought out gift. Employees can work together to create a gift fund and choose a present. In fact, Gardenia’s Fire offers many selections of sweets that would be the perfect corporate gift for your boss! Choose from our Brownie Collection, Strawberry Collection, or signature Berry Collection. The quality, as well as taste, of our handcrafted gourmet goods is sure to impress your boss and relay your message of truly appreciating him and his hard work. Another unique way to celebrate the day would be to have a small award ceremony. Getting together with your coworkers before the day arrives, you can plan titles and awards to give to your supervisors. These can be light hearted and quirky awards such as Best Dressed, Funniest Boss, or Record for Most Coffee Consumed in a Day. One of the simplest ways to celebrate the day would be to sincerely wish your boss a Happy Boss’s Day as you see them in the hallway and just let them know that their hard work is indeed appreciated. Though a bit on the informal side, even a small gesture such as this can have a great impact on the morale of an individual and it can make their day. However you decide to celebrate, remember to keep it fun and to get the message across that yes boss, we do appreciate and acknowledge you!