In general, one doesn’t usually need a special day to celebrate a particular food item but hey, if it exists, then why not? Especially if the specific food in question is an all-time favorite dessert. Decadent, rich, melt in your mouth chocolatey goodness is the makeup of the classic brownie! That’s right. There is a whole day dedicated to glorifying an already amazing dessert! National Brownie Day is celebrated annually on December 8th, so mark your calendars now. This unofficial holiday is your chance to indulge in all the gooey goodness of brownies and is an opportunity to go into some serious brownie overdose!

The very first brownies were created in the United States at the end of the 19th century and quickly gained popularity. The story goes that there was a request for a dessert for a group of ladies that would be attending a fair in the late 1800s.  They wanted a small cake-like dessert that could be eaten from a boxed lunch.  A Chicago chef, working at the Palmer House Hotel, created the first brownie for the ladies, which featured an apricot glaze and walnuts. How surprising is that? There was no chocolate in the original brownie! The earliest recipes for brownies comparable to those familiar to us today are found published in regional cookbooks and newspapers around the turn of the last century. The 1904 Laconia, NH Home Cookery, the 1904 Chicago, IL Service Club Cook Book, and an April 2, 1905, edition of The Boston Globe are three early examples. 

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