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  • Aug 18, 2018
    Dark Chocolate Vs White Chocolate

    Gardenias Fire is always one step ahead of all in providing best sweet eatables and also in informing about important details. Some people like dark chocolate whereas others are die-hard fan of white chocolate. Breaking the trend let`s have a look at what separates the two chocolate types, i.e. dark or white. As far as names are concerned these both fall under category of chocolates and you cannot exclude any from inheritance. Both have ingredients of cocoa butter inside them and both are eagerly enjoyed as desserts as well as used in confectioneries. Chocolate is based in cocoa's bean. Cocoa plant is split into the chocolate liquor, cocoa butter plus cocoa powder. In order to give the properties of dark chocolate, to cocoa, sugar & cocoa powder is added. In contrast with milk chocolate, the dark chocolate lacks milk solids. Talking about the composition of white chocolate, it contains sugar, milk solids plus cocoa butter. If you are a pure lover of chocolate you won't call whiter one as a chocolate. Let' go through some main features of these chocolates one by one, starting with dark chocolate. If you love either of these, don’t be offended because we love both. Even you can Also Check Gardenia’s Berries Strawberry. DARK CHOCOLATE 1-Taste of dark chocolate is more like that of a chocolate that afterwards tastes bitter 2-Texture of dark chocolate is chalky and dry due to no milk solids 3-Dark chocolate is sold in the form of bars and chips in combination with different concentration of chocolate in it. It is also used for making chocolate drinks and sauces 4-Ingredients of dark chocolate are mainly from cacao bean having cacao/cocoa power, sugar and cocoa butter without any milk solids 5-Dark chocolate brings positive health impacts particularly those related to cardiovascular issues as it contains flavonol antioxidants WHITE CHOCOLATE 1-White chocolate is an imitation of chocolate, say a shadow of chocolate in true words. It lacks properties of chocolate due to no cocoa in it. It is however richer and sweeter. 2-White chocolate is somewhat smoother plus contains more buttery essence than darker one 3-You can find white chocolate in the form of bars and that combined with chips. Other uses are those in candy or desserts 4-It has no cocoa powder content in it 5-As it is not pure chocolate and a mere reflection of chocolate, it is not an offeror of health benefits like dark chocolate 6-It has more fats and sugar content

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  • Aug 18, 2018
    Why Chocolate

    Money can buy things but not happiness. But there is something you can get with money which brings happiness as well. The one I am talking about is none other than chocolate. Chocolate grows on the trees but it has the chemical that increases good feeling factors. You can call it one of the most widely used psychoactive drugs. Chocolate taste results from mixture of various chemicals. These chemicals are prepared through roasting process where sugars & amino acids are combined to make pyrazines. Pyrazines contribute some wildly pleasant nutty, roasted & chocolatey sensations. Chocolate is a feel-good drug the one that is once, twice, thrice or you can say seven times more effective than trimethylxanthine. You might be aware of it, ok let`s make it simple, it is the caffeine. Caffeine works via counteraction with the adenosine that is the natural-neurotransmitter. Through their collaboration, these result in increased muscle contraction and heart rate. You can Also Check Business Gifts NJ. LOVE FOR CHOCOLATE Chocolate is a rich eatable. It has theobromine plus the serotonin for controlling brain functions with improvement of behavior and mood. In order to make serotonin body uses natural amino-acids called tryptophan. Chocolate is a readymade token for enjoying tryptophan and serotonin. Chocolate has a long history of discovery. About 20 years back, an important molecule named anandamide was discovered. This molecule has great power to affect your mood. Chocolate is the house to chemicals. Another chemical discovered includes Phenyl ethylamine, though in smaller extent. This is the stimulant of love, which of course is of mine and your interest. Some bad about chocolate? Well, eat more of it and be happier, the world will adjust. CHOCOLATE IS RICH Chocolate has many molecules to mention particularly dark chocolate. These are flavonoids particularly. Different scientists are of the opinion that these are good for cardiovascular health. Leaving the molecule discussion behind, there are some of the things beyond science factors. Imagine the sensation of chocolate melting in your mouth. Can you think of more at that point? No way. Cocoa has fatty triglycerides that are stackable in 6 varying ways. Exactly right melting point is at 34 degrees and hence chocolates melt in mouth not hands, though summer is an exception. As now you know more about chocolate and the value of it for happy feelings, eat more of it. Life is all about happenings and to make all happenings pleasant, chocolate is the thing that actually works.

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  • Mar 11, 2018
    Saint Patricks with our treats!

    Celebrate this Saint Patrick with the best brownies! We have different options as toppings in our brownies! Chocolate contains antioxidant compounds known as flavanols, which may improve your body's ability to fight disease and aging. A 2006 review, published in "Nutrition and Metabolism" by Harvard University scientists found these flavonols may have even greater benefit; they appear to lower the risk of cardiovascular disease, blood pressure Brownies are made of chocolate and cholesterol. A study, published in the "American Journal of Clinical Nutrition" in 2008, found eating dark chocolate and cocoa may indeed lower blood pressure. However, the addition of fat and sugar tends to counteract these healthful effects. So, don’t wait anymore and order one box today!

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  • Mar 06, 2018
    8 Ways to Celebrate International Women's Day

    8 Ways to Celebrate International Women’s Day Justice, equality, hope, and dignity. These are just a few of the values behind International Women’s Day. The holiday which was initiated in 1911 has now grown to become a powerful platform where the economic, cultural, social and political achievements of women can be celebrated. So how does one observe such a compelling holiday? Here are a few ideas. Attend an official event – March! Women’s marches have increasingly gained popularity over the years. This is a befitting way to celebrate as it is one of the many things the original women’s suffragettes did. Various marches are held for issues such as ending gender violence, equal pay in the workplace, labor rights, etc. Find a topic which speaks to you and joins in. There are many other official events held too such as conferences, fun runs, exhibitions, festivals, and more. Reach out to the women in your life – Mothers, daughters, sisters, cousins, friends. I’m sure the list of women in your life is quite lengthy and it would be unrealistic to reach out to all of them. Focus on the important ones and show them the love, support, and respect which you have for them. This is a perfect day to write a letter, have a meaningful conversation, or take them out to dinner. Donate – Find an organization in your area which focuses on women’s issues. Women’s shelter, a group which helps women find jobs or a group which helps women attain education. There are many such organizations which could use your donation to achieve their end goals. Volunteer – Your time is one of the most precious things to give to someone. This ties into the previously mentioned act of donating, but now it is not monetary. Any such organizations can always use a helping hand, or two. And in the process, you would be educating yourself on the issues and struggles at hand as well. Support professional women – Spotlight women authors, filmmakers, artists and other professionals. Read their books, watch their movies, purchase their work. These seemingly small actions can accumulate into massive support for the women in the industries. It may even expand your own views and introduce you to new perspectives. Have a celebration at work/school – Make it a personal celebration by focusing on the women who are around you daily in the workplace. Profile the high achieving women at work, ask a woman speaker to give a presentation, hold a seminar with keynote addresses by women in your industry. Visit a memorial or museum – This is a more educational celebration. Find a memorial or museum that is significant to the Suffragette Movement, the event which started it all. There are symbolic landmarks, memorials, and museums one can visit. Go global – This is an accumulation of all the previously mentioned points but on another level. Step it up a notch by taking it on with an international perspective. Learn about women’s issues around the globe, how you can help, and what you can do. Learn about achievements or women in world history who have been overlooked.

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  • Feb 26, 2018
    Employee Appreciation Day

    Having employees who are intrinsically motivated to work is crucial to the success of any company or business. They should feel empowered, see how crucial they are to the overall mission of your business and truly understand the importance of their role. Though this affirmation should ideally be happening daily, it is highlighted more so on Employee Appreciation Day. Now, more than ever, employees need to hear the three magical words from their managers, bosses, and higher-ups: you are appreciated. Having a unique holiday to celebrate the impact of employees offers employers an opportunity to say thank you in meaningful ways. One of these meaningful ways is to give thank-you gifts. A gift serves as a tangible sign of appreciation and it is something that will last longer than just the one-day holiday. The act of giving gifts is a meaningful part of human interaction in general as it affects both the giver and receiver in positive ways. A gift which has serious thought and care put into it will show the receiver how valued they are. Expressing gratitude for what your employees do is sure to boost the morale and energy in the workplace. There are several types of gifts which can be presented to employees. The growing trend of gift baskets has many options to choose from such as well-crafted baskets of food, drinks, office supplies, or a spa treatment. Other gifts can include tickets to special events, gift cards or even a well-earned vacation. Any of these options would be an excellent choice to illustrate to your employees how grateful you are for their hard work and commitment. The key to celebrating Employee Appreciation Day to the fullest extent is that its effect will carry on long after the day is over and your employees will continuously feel appreciated and motivated.

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  • Feb 20, 2018
    Business Gifts

    Gardenia’s Fire Type in “Business Gifts” on Google and you will be faced with over two million results. To say the least, that is quite overwhelming! So how do you choose which vendor and service to use? Let us make the choice easier for you by presenting Gardenia’s Fire, a gourmet pastry company. Our slogan, “Flirting with Perfection” is depicted through our unique and innovative products. The signature Gardenia’s Berries, enticing Brownie Collection, and exquisite Strawberry Collection are a treat for one’s eyes and mouth. All of our products are baked from scratch by our highly trained bakery chefs using the finest quality ingredients and no added preservatives. Our elegant gift boxes will present a thoughtful gift to your colleagues and clients which will leave a lasting impression and have them wanting more! We offer three various packages so that you may choose the one best suited to your corporate gift-giving needs. So, if you are looking for a one of a kind, delicious, and classy business gift we welcome you to try Gardenia’s Fire!

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  • Aug 30, 2017
    Corporate Gifting

    Welcome to Gardenia’s Fire, dedicated to providing the highest standard of gift giving excellence. We offer a unique and memorable selection of delectable items that combine the beauty of exotic flower arrangements with the decadence of fine patisserie. Each one of our gourmet floral pastry bouquets is designed to ignite the senses and create special moments and memories as the perfect gift or your special occasion centerpiece. Our Artistically Talented Bakers Our pastry composers are not only experts in the extraction and synthesis of flavors, but true visionaries when it comes to translating the natural beauty of floral arrangements into culinary creations. Each hand-piped blossom, each petal of our renowned rosettes is carefully crafted using only the freshest ingredients. The results are stunning creations that appear too beautiful to eat but prove too delectable to resist! The Meaning Behind Our Name Gardenia’s Fire is the perfect marriage of the Science of Baking, represented by red hot Fire, and the Artistry of Floristry, represented by the pure white Gardenia, transporter of ecstasy and untold love. The fragrant, soft white petals of the Gardenia have come to symbolize purity of action and purpose, as well as emotional help. A classical element from ancient Greek philosophy and science, Fire represents passion from inspiration and has the power to transform all that it warms. The warmth, or fire, of the sun nourishes flora, fauna and most notably, the human heart, body, mind and soul.

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