Welcome to Gardenia’s Fire, dedicated to providing the highest standard of gift giving excellence. We offer a unique and memorable selection of delectable items that combine the beauty of exotic flower arrangements with the decadence of fine patisserie. Each one of our gourmet floral pastry bouquets is designed to ignite the senses and create special moments and memories as the perfect gift or your special occasion centerpiece.

Our Artistically Talented Bakers
Our pastry composers are not only experts in the extraction and synthesis of flavors, but true visionaries when it comes to translating the natural beauty of floral arrangements into culinary creations. Each hand-piped blossom, each petal of our renowned rosettes is carefully crafted using only the freshest ingredients. The results are stunning creations that appear too beautiful to eat but prove too delectable to resist!
The Meaning Behind Our Name
Gardenia’s Fire is the perfect marriage of the Science of Baking, represented by red hot Fire, and the Artistry of Floristry, represented by the pure white Gardenia, transporter of ecstasy and untold love. The fragrant, soft white petals of the Gardenia have come to symbolize purity of action and purpose, as well as emotional help. A classical element from ancient Greek philosophy and science, Fire represents passion from inspiration and has the power to transform all that it warms. The warmth, or fire, of the sun nourishes flora, fauna and most notably, the human heart, body, mind and soul.