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Custom Events


Do your guests a favor: give them a favor they’ll remember. We believe the most precious moments in life are shared. Flowers wilt, but our signature Gardenia’s Berries® leave a lasting memory. When you taste something delectable, your senses remember it. It’s almost like a stamp on your brain. Well, why not give your guests, who are there with you celebrating one of the greatest days of your life, that gift of remembrance? They will thank you for it. And some day down the road, a smell or a taste of another of our signature Gardenia’s Berries® will bring you both right back to that moment that you shared together.


Birthday Parties

Birthdays. They happen every year. For everyone you love. That can add up to a load of parties. How can you make your party stand out over all of the others out there? Gardenia’s Fire can help. Not only will guests comment on your choice in gourmet treats, they will beg you to tell them where you got them. You will have given them something unique that will stand out in their memory, above the homogeny of all of the other birthday celebrations this year. And then won’t they be doubly pleased when you buy them a gift box of their own? That last part is merely a suggestion.  


Corporate Events

Have you got a convention to plan? A company-wide conference? We can help! Well, we can help with the best homemade gourmet treats your employees have ever tasted, that is. Don’t fall into the trap laid by every previous convention you’ve ever attended. The trap that says, “A convention is boring. Give them coffee and day old muffins and call it a day!” We say nay. Give them deliciousness and they will give you attentiveness, happiness and motivation. “Can a brownie really do that,” you might ask. To which we might reply an emphatic, “YES!”   


Baby Showers

Baby showers are a joyous occasion. Why not up the joy factor by including some of our sweet gourmet treats? You’ll wow them and save yourself some time and effort from having to bake yourself. It’s a win, win, win! The last win is you being able to enjoy our delicious desserts as well. And we may as well add a fourth win since you’ll be enjoying them for two.