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Our Values

Making The World a Better Place, One Pastry at a Time

At Gardenia's Fire, we are forever in search of the many forms of beauty. The thrill felt when someone lets you know they're thinking of you. The intangible inspiration and warmth in a simple smile. The gestures of kindness from our fellow neighbors, community members, and business associated. Even the grace in the science of baking. 

Beauty surrounds us. We only need to take a moment to observe and appreciate it. It is this search which drives our passion in all that we do at Gardenia's Fire. Individually and collectively, we are far from perfect. However, when we can bask in the magnificent glow of beauty and its reflections, we find the desire to keep moving forward in our everyday lives. We are blessed enough to observe this in our chef's lovingly crafted pastries, in our customer's kind gestures, and in our recipient's warm and excited reactions.

When the diverse elements of beauty coalesce to ignite your senses, you are blessed with a truly wonderful experience that radiates the warmth of a flame within your body and spirit. This soothing flame continues to glow within, gently illuminating the beauty around us. We love what we do, and we love knowing that our customers enjoy our work. 



Comfort in Every Bar

They say that you can never truly go home again, but we beg to differ. Gardenia’s Fire creates, in each gourmet gift box, a true sense of going back home. Although our gift boxes will not teleport you back to the house you grew up in (we know we’re good, but we’re not scientists), we have managed to craft delectable treats that will bring back that “home” feeling and leave a smile on your face, and maybe some brownie crumbs.

Every snack we hand-craft tells a story about our methods. We use nothing but the best chocolate, the richest dairy products, and even the greatest baking soda (you read that right. There IS, in fact, a “greatest” baking soda) to bring our succulent, gourmet treats to life. The proof is in the pudding. Or, in this case, the brownie.




Makes a Nice Light Snack

Our gift boxes exude a sense of class and style. Inside, you’ll find a perfect blend of quality without overwhelming quantity. A perfect amount of love. We know what it’s like to receive an edible gift that becomes more of a race against the clock to finish before it expires. That’s stressful and not what your loved ones will get from us.  We believe in leaving your loved ones wanting more.

We believe in satisfaction, not saturation. We’re sending them a warm feeling of love throughout their body, not a buffet. We thought it was important to make this distinction. Our product has a shelf life of about two weeks. And that’s how we like it.