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Strawberry Collections

Strawberries and chocolate go together like strawberries and chocolate. That’s right, they are so well made for each other that there is no better analogy for these gourmet delicacies. In these boxes, we include nothing but the best hand-picked strawberries and the most delicious gourmet chocolate. Don’t believe us? Then you'll have to try them for yourself. Our passion and integrity go together like…well, strawberries and chocolate. Our Chocolate Covered Strawberry Collection gift boxes are perfect as gifts for her or gifts for him, and they work well as corporate gifts, too. Our strawberries are unique gifts that come dipped in chococalte,  and showered in your choice of toppings such as almonds, walnuts, coconuts, and pistachios! If your mouth isn't watering just thinking about them, then you just have to look at them below. 

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